Writing the Crest of Change

There’s a catalog that sells a T-shirt that says: “Almost as smart as my phone.” Technology keeps supplying us with a dazzling array of new gadgets and services. It’s also driving us at an accelerating rate into a future that no one can predict, understand, manage or control.

Technology enables you to express yourself and your ideas, and use more media to reach more readers in more places faster than ever. If as the saying goes, luck is ability meeting opportunity, you are part of the luckiest generation of writers that ever lived. The biggest challenge for writers is to use their craft, passion, knowledge, creativity and commitment to help people surf this tidal wave of change.

How can you help your readers to lead more fulfilling lives? How can you help them:

  • Balance change and stability
  • Integrate their on- and off-line lives
  • Create meaningful personal and professional lives and relationships in a time of accelerating change
  • Fulfill their obligations to the concentric circles of our existence: ourselves, our families, neighbhors, community, state, country, and world

What inexhaustible sources of stories, information and advice these needs are! You are urgently needed to create the myths, stories and metaphors that bring hope and meaning to our lives. No matter what you write, I hope you find ways to join the great conversation and that this blog will help you achieve your goals.

Comments and questions welcome.


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