The Greatest Challenge Writers Can Hope For

Writing Before the Moment of Reckoning

What a great time to be a writer! There comes a moment of reckoning when the outcome of a process is decided. The planet is approaching moments of reckoning for meeting the challenges it faces.

Charles Darwin wrote that it’s not the strongest or smartest species that survive; it’s the most adaptable. The human family is going to have to adapt more in this century than it ever has. The less able government is to respond to the challenges we face, the more needed writers are to help mobilize the will and creativity we need to navigate the swirling waters of accelerating change.

You have more forms and media in which to communicate with readers around the world who need and want to hear what you have to say. What ou don’t have is a long time in which to do it.

We’re plunging headlong into an future that no one can predict, understand or control. Our future depends on finding effective solutions for climate control, the use of technology, the effects of globalization, religious and political extremism, and  regulating financial institutions.

Power corrupts. Business and government, prisoners of their own needs and systems, can’t solve our problems. This leaves the fate of the planet is the hands of individuals and institutions that can come up with new ideas for solving our problems and mobilize the public will to change.

In Hot, Flat and Crowded, Thomas Friedman wrote that you can’t stop 6 billion people all going in the same direction. Writers can play a crucial role in persuading people united by technology and shared problems to take the same path.

Apart from the problems the planet faces are the challenges of how to

  • Give individuals and institutions enough power to be effective but not enough to be corrupted
  • Integrate the ability to respond to rapid change and renew themselves into how institutions are run
  • Use reason to change the minds of people whose beliefs are not based on reason

Novelists and nonfiction writers are essential agents of change, providing ideas, stories, information, and inspiration to help solve the world’s problems. Blogs, articles, short stories, books, podcasts, videos, and posting to blogs, groups, and social media are all part of a continuing conversation. If you want to join the most important conversation on the planet and be part of the greatest challenge you can ask for, let this be your moment of reckoning.

Napoleon believed that humanity is only limited by its imagination. If we survive our follies, our future will be glorious.

If you need more convincing, read Soulwise: How to Create A Conspiracy of Hope, Health and Harmony by Dr. Phil Johnson ( It’s a life-changing, world-changing combination of advice, wisdom and inspiration that will help you find the path you were born to tread.

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2 Responses to The Greatest Challenge Writers Can Hope For

  1. Eric says:

    YES! This is a great call to arms. These are the exact same sentiments that motivated me to start writing a novel over a year ago to start developing my voice. And now I’m considering a nonfiction work based on some of the same thoughts on the need for societal adaptation and change that you referred to above. It’s good to hear others with similar beliefs.

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