Changing Your Sales

On the  Road: Rochester, Minnesota

Met a delivery man in Brandon who drives up to eighty miles a date delivering Hostess Cakes. He talked about the  wind: it blows hot and humid from the South and cool from Canada and can change at any moment. Controlling the wind is somewhere in our future, but meanwhile what you can do as a writer is change your sails (apologies for the homonym).

Like the wind, publishing is changing faster and more unpredictably than we can understand or hope to control. What you can do is to be clear about where you want to  go as a writer and the best ways to get there. Then you can chart a course and set your sails to get there.

Based on what you’re passionate about writing, the markets for it, how promotable it is, and your ability to promote it, you can  choose from the greatest array of options , writers have ever had for every aspect of writing, publishing, and promoting your work and connecting with readers. Make the most of it!

Tomorrow: LaCrosse, WI-

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